Into the Groove - Exploring lesbian and gay musical preferences and 'LGB music' in Flanders


  • Alexander Dhoest University of Antwerp
  • Robbe Herreman University of Antwerp
  • Marion Wasserbauer University of Antwerp



lesbian and gay - music - preference - Flanders - identity


The importance of music and music tastes in lesbian and gay cultures is widely documented, but empirical research on individual lesbian and gay musical preferences is rare and even fully absent in Flanders (Belgium). To explore this field, we used an online quantitative survey (N= 761) followed up by 60 in-depth interviews, asking questions about musical preferences. Both the survey and the interviews disclose strongly gender-specific patterns of musical preference, the women preferring rock and alternative genres while the men tend to prefer pop and more commercial genres. While the sexual orientation of the musician is not very relevant to most participants, they do identify certain kinds of music that are strongly associated with lesbian and/or gay culture, often based on the play with codes of masculinity and femininity. Our findings confirm the popularity of certain types of music among Flemish lesbians and gay men, for whom it constitutes a shared source of identification, as it does across many Western countries. The qualitative data, in particular, allow us to better understand how such music plays a role in constituting and supporting lesbian and gay cultures and communities.

Author Biography

Alexander Dhoest, University of Antwerp

Associate professor in communication studies at the University of Antwerp. His research focuses on uses of media in relation to social (national, cultural, ethnic and sexual) identities.




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Dhoest, A., Herreman, R., & Wasserbauer, M. (2015). Into the Groove - Exploring lesbian and gay musical preferences and ’LGB music’ in Flanders. Observatorio (OBS*), 9(2).