Sexual Politics, Pride, and Media Mediation in Spain


  • Begonya Enguix Universitat Oberta de Catalunya



LGTB activism, Pride, media strategies, native media, sexual politics


Media are fundamental in the processes of identity construction. In the case of social movements, media also play an important role for the visibilization of the movements and their claims, and for the mobilization of the population (Shner and Aviv, 2006; Carroll and Ratner, 1999: 3). I aim to analyze media mediation and LGTB activism through the analysis of the impact in media of LGTB Pride celebrations in Barcelona and Madrid in 2010. This analysis is part of a wider project based on intensive ethnographic fieldwork about identities and pride. I have undertaken qualitative content analysis of selected media and compared the topics displayed with the topics that appear in the Pride official webpages designed by the organizing LGTB organizations in Madrid and Barcelona. The conclusions confirm the display of different communicative strategies used in popular media and emic (or native) social media that point out to an intention to depoliticize the event and return sexual identities to the private and individual sphere in some popular media.




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Enguix, B. (2013). Sexual Politics, Pride, and Media Mediation in Spain. Observatorio (OBS*), 7(2).