The Eu e os Outros Project – a case study


  • Susana Henriques ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon, CIES-IUL, Lisboa, Portugal; LE@D, Universidade Aberta
  • Ana Filipa Soledade IDT, I.P. (Portuguese Drug and Drug Addiction Institute, I.P.); CIID – IPL (Identities and Diversities Research Centre – IPL)



Media literacy, online game, innovative educational practices, edutainment


This is a training project in personal and social skills in the form of an interactive game based on eight different online narratives. It takes place on a group level, under the supervision of a team using a set of instructions drafted in training and trial situations. The school environment is of special importance in prevention, due to its educational and information role, which encourages reflection and the ability to make choices that lead to good decisions and promote well being. This project is based on the global communication process in present-day network societies and shows us that the Internet is a precious tool in the teaching and learning process, where teenagers play an active role in their education. This is an interactive online multimedia game for young people at school designed to respond to their values, interests and problems. The game and its stories use a recreational approach to stimulate creativity, learning and a reflexive discussion on topics affecting young people’s everyday lives (e.g. adolescence, growing up, friendship, expectations, fears and doubts…). It also develops media literacy not only through the skills needed to play an online game but also the guided, supervised research that they have to do to work with the topics as they appear. The case study was conducted with a group of students and we discuss the results related to issues of media literacy and the relationship between its theory and practice.




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Henriques, S., & Soledade, A. F. (2011). The Eu e os Outros Project – a case study. Observatorio (OBS*), 5(4).