State of the Internet Outpaces State of Internet Legislation? : The Case of Turkey


  • Banu Akdenizli Yeditepe University



Internet policy, Turkey, globalization, telecommunication


It is of common understanding that ICTs play a vital role in the social, political and economic development of every country. But every country does not welcome this technology without struggles. This study looks into the particular case of Turkey. As a semi-periphery country Turkey has been in a unique position, not only geographically and economically, but also politically and culturally. As a country with a predominantly Muslim population Turkey, considered by many as the only Muslim democracy, also has aspirations to become a member of the European Union (EU). A former study by this Author (2007) analyzed the period of 1997-2004 of Internet policy development in Turkey as it unfolded within the context of then current debates regarding globalization forces and the nation-state. This paper picks up where the old one left off, and looks into the most recent influences incorporated in the patterning of Internet development in Turkey. Turkey’s Internet journey, the initiatives relative to the expansion of the Internet in comparison to attempts to control and regulate Internet content does not only demonstrate how adopting the Internet has been a double-edged sword for some countries but could also on a larger scale offer insight to the discussion on the compatibility of Islam and the Western definition of democracy.

Author Biography

Banu Akdenizli, Yeditepe University

Banu Akdenizli Uztürk, PhD Assistant Professor Yeditepe University Public Relations and Publicity Department




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Akdenizli, B. (2010). State of the Internet Outpaces State of Internet Legislation? : The Case of Turkey. Observatorio (OBS*), 4(4).