Usage of press as a hegemonic struggle field


  • Nuket Elpeze Ergec academic



media studies


This study discusses ideological effects on media content. According to Hallin (1986), while journalists serve as defender and sanctifier in the conciliation field; expose, blame and exclude those who are out of political conciliation in the deviance area. Antagonism between soldier and power in Turkey takes place in the deviance area via the news. In the discourse which have taken place in the national press in recent years; hegemonic military and civil elites are observed to be driven out to the existing routine. While the power of Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) in Turkey is untouchable and inarguable, Hallin (1986) with news discourse is taken out of the conciliation area and driven into the deviance area. To open the process of interchanging the hegemonic into discussion via the news in the press makes the observation of ideological routing of the press inevitable. The observation of news about TAF will be carried out upon the discourse theory of Laclau and Mouffe. In private sense; “Sledgehammer Coup Plan” published in national press Taraf Newspaper on Jan 20, 2010 is chosen as a sample. This study puts the construction of hegemony, politics and economic structure together via discourses. It is observed that hegemonic ideology opens the position of parties on power into discussion by using media.

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Nuket Elpeze Ergec, academic

Cukurova University, Communication Faculty, Adana Turkey




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