Communication transversal corporations: global threat of democracy?


  • Carlos Alberto Galvis Facultad de Comunicación Universidad de Medellín



Communication Transversal Corporations (CTC), democracy, public communication, political ecology


In a world convulsed by the power of Communication Transversal Corporations or CTC, not only the social and public come into play but also democracy, which of CTC pretend to defend. The inequality and exclusion in the access to information are affecting democracy and communication. It is a sine qua non condition to have the population as primary actor of political deliberation in the construction of the social and public in order to condition the survival of democracy as a guarantee of human viability. From crisis, chaos and uncertainty, public communication starts to be outlined as a strategy to face this form of social suppression. This article is a product of a completed research titled “Public Communication: a space for the construction of democracy” done by the research team on Communication, Organization and Political (COP), supported by the Communication Department and the Office of the Vice Rector for Research at Universidad de Medellín (Colombia).




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Galvis, C. A. (2010). Communication transversal corporations: global threat of democracy?. Observatorio (OBS*), 4(3).