Reorganización en los grupos multimedia españoles: la nueva cartografía


  • José Vicente Santamaria Universidad Carlos III



, Spanish Mediagroups, Media oligopoly, Media Mergers and takeovers


This work try to analyse the whole reorganization which is taking place in the main Spanish mediagroups. The abundance of regulation changes, especially during 2009, with the approval of the new Audiovisual Law (by Royal Decree) and the state-owned TV financing model, the introduction of DTT Pay TV (50% of channels per player) has given green light to the first agreements between Tele 5 channel (Mediaset) and Cuatro (Sogecable), and also between Antena 3 y La Sexta; and finally to a new public Spanish TV status, which broadcast without commercials. In this new situation is not only possible mergers and takeovers, but since television is the main asset of the great multimedia groups, there will be a deep transformation of the forces and a clear trend towards bigger oligopoly; vanishing perhaps one of the main characteristics of Spanish multimedia groups (“the mutant oligopoly”), with two o three big groups which control the whole scene (always with the permission of the main telephone companies) and the conversion of the multiple familiar groups.




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Santamaria, J. V. (2011). Reorganización en los grupos multimedia españoles: la nueva cartografía. Observatorio (OBS*), 5(1).