Real Worlds, Virtual Worlds – Applying sociometry into online chatrooms


  • Adelina Silva Universidade Aberta



cyberculture, cyberspace, on-line and off-line sociability, sociometry


We often hear and read sentences like: the way people interact is not as before; the multimedia society where we live is changing the nature of the human being; the use of the Internet in the daily life of the individual makes him isolated of the rest of the community; the technological evolution pushes the individual for the ghetto of the techno-cyberculture, without any values. We live imbued and enclosed by an interconnected world. The power of communication lies in the fact to make it in real time, of immediate and simultaneous form, independently of the geographical distance. The technological and social advances allow the birth of a social platform of communication, in which communication is possible in the most varied expressions. This is a exploratory research comparing two groups (16-17 years old), who interact frequently off and on-line (real and virtual world), from an anthropological point of view, using sociometric techniques. The purpose is to verify if their impressions of the other(s) and their behavior, as well, changes while interacting on-line.




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Silva, A. (2010). Real Worlds, Virtual Worlds – Applying sociometry into online chatrooms. Observatorio (OBS*), 4(2).