Broadband for culture, a culture for broadband?


  • Katrien Berte MICT - IBBT-Ugent
  • Laurence Hauttekeete MICT - IBBT-Ugent
  • Peter Mechant
  • Gert Nulens



Cultural participation, e-culture, Broadband technologisies


The augmentation of cultural participation in Flanders is one of the major cornerstones of the current cultural policy. Digital technologies offer a wide range of opportunities to achieve this goal, as the internet is often seen as a way to augment the number of visitors for arts centres. However, the availability of digital information technologies and the willingness to adopt these new ways of processing cultural material, is a prerequisite for this (r)evolution. This article is based on data collected in three surveys, one for each of the cultural actors; cultural organisations such as museums, arts centres etc, individual artists and art lovers in Flanders. Despite that most artists and cultural organizations are sufficiently equipped with up-to-date technological infrastructure, most websites lack true interactivity with a strong one-to-one relationship between audience, artists and cultural institutions. We therefore conclude that, although there are plenty of broadband connections and other digital tools available to the Flemish art scene, artists and cultural organisations lack a mind-set (or culture) to truly embrace and benefit from the potential of the current digital technologies.




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Berte, K., Hauttekeete, L., Mechant, P., & Nulens, G. (2010). Broadband for culture, a culture for broadband?. Observatorio (OBS*), 4(2).