The Role of Internet in a Changing Mediascape: Competitor or Complement?


  • Olle Findahl World Internet Institute



Internet, ICT, Media Studies, Audience statistics,


Today Internet has existed as a mass medium during more than ten years and has become an important part of everyday life for a lot of people. What are the effects of this introduction of a new medium in the world of traditional media? What have happened to newspapers, television and radio? It is not only a matter of time; people are spending minutes and hours online instead of reading, listening or viewing. It is also about content; information, news, music and film exist on Internet and to make it even more complicated even newspapers, radio and television exist online. And the content is usually free. So what have happened to traditional media? At first sight it looks like Internet has become a strong competitor, severely affecting the use of newspapers and television. But a more thorough analysis shows that in Sweden Internet has become more of a complement and the use of traditional media go on as before at the same time as the use of the Internet develops and increases.

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Olle Findahl, World Internet Institute

Professor and Research Director World Internet Institute




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