Mobile Television: Is It Just A Hype Or A Real Consumer Need?


  • Agnes Urban Corvinus University of Budapest



mobile television, media consumption, business model


Mobile media are not a new phenomenon. In the media history consumers always searched for the possibility to kill time while they are mobile and certain products and devices were used for this purpose (printed media, portable radio, MP3, game consoles, etc.). But in the case of television mobility is not usual at all. Due to the technological deployment television services offered on mobile phones are already available, but the market potential is uncertain. There are different technologies and mobile operators try to find the business models that best fit these technologies. The supply chain of mobile television involves market players of different markets (e.g. content production, broadcasting, mobile market). The way and level of vertical integration depends on the ability of these companies to exploit theirs core competences. The real question if the consumers really need mobile television services or it is only just a new revenue-generating service pushed by the operators. Several findings of the pilot projects are available and there are some really surprising results. The main aim of the paper is to give an overview about the potential market demand for mobile television services. Even it is a new service, some speculative predictions can be made based on the current media consumption patterns. Although the business models and the technological background are also crucial, the real question is who, when, and where will watch television on mobile devices and which genres/programs will be the most popular.


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