The Challenge of User-And QoE-Centric Research and Product Development in Today's ICT-Environment


  • Lieven De Marez MICT-IBBT, Ghent University
  • Katrien De Moor MICT-IBBT, Ghent University



Within today’s ICT environment, trends like a growing convergence and increasing competition, have led to a fast-changing market with an increasing speed of innovation development and shortening product life cycles. Because of the skipping of research stadia, the lack of insight in the end-user expectations, needs, experiences, and of suitable methodologies … the number of failing innovations has increased remarkably. On the other hand, the boom on the supply-side led to an enormeous empowerment of the consumer. Influenced by these trends, a clear evolution towards a more user-centric, ‘pull’-driven mentality started to manifest itself from the early nineties on. In this respect, the concept of ‘Quality of Experience’(QoE) started to acquire a central place in today’s innovation and technology development literature, as the success of innovations has become highly dependent on the experience of the user. This paper focuses on two major challenges 1) ‘What is QoE?’: to date, there still exists a lot of inconsistency and confusion about the interpretation and definition of QoE. In order to tackle this challenge a conceptual model of QoE is presented. The second challenge is related to the question 2) ‘How should QoE be measured?’ In this respect, an overview of the most important problems is given and a new approach for more user-centric QoE-measurement is proposed.


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De Marez, L., & De Moor, K. (2007). The Challenge of User-And QoE-Centric Research and Product Development in Today’s ICT-Environment. Observatorio (OBS*), 1(3).