Espacio público, desacuerdos y desigualdades: la expresión pública de los activistas en internet


  • Dorismilda Flores Márquez Facultad de Comunicación y Mercadotecnia, Universidad de La Salle Bajío / Av. Universidad 602, León, Guanajuato, México



online communication, public space, activism


This article reports some findings of a study about the online public expression by activists in a local context. The objective of this paper is to explore some challenges of online communication practices to the concept of public space. There are a short description of media and ICT’s context in different levels: global, Latin American, national, and local. The theoretical framework in communication, from a sociocultural perspective, dialogues with sociology of social movements and political philosophy. The methodological approach was ethnography, with two activist groups in Aguascalientes, Mexico, in three spaces of communication: internet, the streets, and the media. The data collection methods included virtual ethnography, semi-structured interviews, participative observation, and media monitoring. In this text, I present three main findings: 1) visibility of online public expression by activists has different logics, it is related with specific social situations and with the logics of the activist communities; 2) communication could be understood as a space of differences, activists have their very own worldviews and those are generally opposed to the dominant worldviews; 3) communication could be understood too as a space of inequalities, activist access to public expression in conditions of inequalities and asymmetries. These findings contribute to the discussion about public space in the global age.




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Flores Márquez, D. (2016). Espacio público, desacuerdos y desigualdades: la expresión pública de los activistas en internet. Observatorio (OBS*).