Digital Promotion: the example of the Gorila Vintage Edition

Sonia Pedro Sebastião, Tiago Carrapito Ruas, Ana Catarina Nascimento, Ana Rita Capelo, Diogo Vieira, Inês Peixoto Maria


This article analyzes the campaign Gorila Vintage, developed by the advertising agency BAR in 2012, with the aim of distinguishing the online promotion from the “traditional” and digital advertising. The intent is to show the limits of advertising and arguing about the advantages of the integration of communication techniques both offline and online in a retrobranding strategy. It is also intended to contribute to the understanding of the practical work of communication professionals, highlighting the difficulties inherent in the creative process, knowledge of the instruments and the budgetary constraints.
In structural terms, the work is divided into three main parts. The first two addresses the concept of advertising, trends, advantages and disadvantages, and the characterization of retrobranding strategy. The last part is a detailed analysis of the Gorila Vintage campaign, using observation and analytical data from the social network facebook, as well as statements from the creative responsible.


Promotion, Advertising, Digital, Integration, Retrobranding, Gorila

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