Semantic Networks for Corporate Communication Concepts and Crisis: Differences Based on Corporate Reputation

Mª Victoria Carrillo, James A. Danowski, Ana Castillo, Juan Luis Tato Jimenez


There is considerable attention in the literature to concepts including corporate branding, corporate identity, corporate image, corporate social responsibility, and corporate reputation. Nevertheless, it is not known how the terms are associated with one another in news documents about corporations. This research tests hypotheses about these concepts in natural language discourse in the press in relation to corporate reputation. From the Reputation Institute’s 2009 Global Pulse ratings of 600 world corporations the top 30 and the bottom 30 in reputation are examined by mapping semantic networks containing crisis, corporate communication terms, and the corporation names. News documents are compared to see whether the top corporation names are closer to these communication terms and further from the crisis term, compared to the bottom-ranked corporations.


crisis, reputation, branding, identity, image, corporate social responsibility, semantic networks.

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