Third-generation (3G) Mobile Television: Technological, Economical and Political Dimensions

Andreu Casero


Convergence introduces several transformations into Cultural Industries’ structures and dynamics. The option to receive television signal into mobile devices with 3G technologies is one of these changes. This article analyzes new phenomenon from Political Economy of Communication focus. As a consequence, all 3G mobile television technologic, economic and political dimensions will be studied. The results show that new method of television broadcasting is more positioned to potentiate economic factors than media integration based on convergence logics. This new system is contributing to reinforce the commodification of cultural industries. In this way, it moves television away from public services logics, setting it as a mere complement of media companies’ commercial strategies. In conclusion, 3G mobile TV assumes decisive importance since besides placing as the forth screen it is helping to re-define classic concept of television.


Mobile Television; Convergence; Commodification; 3G; Cultural Industries

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