Freedom and Political Dependence from the Ethical Perspective of Spanish Journalists

Ruth Rodriguez, Marcel Mauri, Christopher Tulloch


The aim of this paper is to focus on the relationship between Spanish journalists and politicians in order to understand what journalists require from political power and how collaborative ties between governments and reporters could be established. This study also compares the views of journalists with citizens in order to know if there is a relationship between what media professionals and audience think about the relationship between media and political power.

One of the project’s main goals is to contrast the existing normative framework with the prevailing value system in ethical criteria as taken onboard by media professionals. The methodology used in this paper to achieve this goal is based on 26 questions that refer to different issues, such as the influence of political power in their daily professional lives or in certain case scenarios. The sample was designed in accordance with different independent variables: type of media, position, department, sphere of diffusion, gender, ideology and age, so that the entire profession was represented in some way. The same methodology was applied to each autonomous region, whether it be Catalonia, Madrid, the Basque Country or Andalusia and the paper as a whole offers the answers given by about 3000 Spanish journalists throughout the whole of the country.


Ethics, journalists, dependence on political power, deontological codes, Spain, audience.

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