Sex structure of occupations in the advertising industry: Where are the female ad practitioners?

Natalia Pueyo Ayhan


This study analyses the presence of female advertising practitioners who have worked on the best advertising campaigns between 2004 and 2008, according to the Spanish advertising trade press. The methodology is based on a quantitative review of 581 campaigns and their advertising staff.
This study finds evidence of the horizontal and vertical segregation in the
ad industry. Female advertising practitioners are, all in all, under-represented in the industry accolades. The Creative Department shows the lowest female participation, while women outnumber men in the account and the media services department.
In general, the data shows the trends of vertical and horizontal segregation in the occupational structure of the advertising industry, as women are not only occupying lower job positions than men, but are also barely involved in the ad creation process.


gender, occupational structure, advertising professionals, job positions, sex segregation

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