Framing Hillary Clinton en la Prensa Española: ¿Candidata o Mujer?

Nuria Fernandez Garcia


How the media represent women politicians?, are the media framing women politicians in a way that their gender is the most important trait besides their political competence? This article shows a first approach to how Spanish media represent a woman politician who runs to a first-level political office, the United States presidency. Based on the framing theory, I build a methodological framework that helps to rebuild the resources used by the journalists (the frame package) to represent a woman who runs to political power. The resources examined are visibility, mentions to the gender, tone of the coverage, personal coverage, political competence (issues), personal traits, name, and verbs used to represent the speech of the candidates. The research points out that Clinton’s gender plays an important role in the media coverage of her candidacy. Those results confirm previous studies and suggest that media still use frames that ‘desnormalize’ the existence of women in the political arena.


Framing, Hillary Clinton, Spanish media, gender

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