Locating the Self in Web 2.0: explorations in creativity, identity and digital expression

Bridgette Wessels


To date, research regarding the use and experience of the Internet has focused on tow main areas, namely, the creative experience of identity within cyberspace and the ways in which the Internet becomes domesticated into everyday life. An overarching assumption of Internet usage is that it allows users in everyday life as well as users from cultural institutions to engage in spheres of media and communication. Key themes embedded in these research foci are creativity, identity and forms of expression. There is little research, however, that traces how these themes are articulated in digital culture and cultures of everyday life especially in relation to Web 2.0. In this paper I explore how are individuals and institutions locating themselves and engaging in Web-related activity in the socio-cultural context of the emergence of Web 2.0. The framework for doing so is that of the creativity and the formation of individual and institutional identity.


Cyberculture, identity, web 2.0

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15847/obsOBS332009286