Strategies of transnational media corporations in the Spanish television industry

David Fernández-Quijada


This article analyses the presence of large-scale transnational communication groups in the Spanish television industry through an analysis of several television markets: free-to-air television (both nationwide and autonomous regional channels), independent production, pay television and the production of thematic channels. In order to do this, we detail the quantitative presence of the leading players in the field and, complementing this with an approach from the social network analysis, we outline the commercial relationships between them. To this quantitative dimension, we add an exploration of the strategies employed by these groups in accessing the market, examining the typology of their presence and the relative positions of strength of each one of the groups detected. Amongst our conclusions, we stress the growing internationalisation of the television industry in Spain and we note the differences observed within different groups in relation to their country of origin.


TV market; transnational media corporations; global media; Spain.

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