Mobile Media Implicit Cultures: Towards a Characterization of Mobile Entertainment and Advertising in Digital Convergence Landscape

Juan Miguel Aguado, Inmaculada Jose Martinez


The specific nature of mobile devices in the media field seems to situate content consumption in a mobile-promised land characterised by ubiquity, connectivity and convenience. In that context, two different media cultures emerge in mobile business strategies and consumption habits: the ‘fourth screen culture’ focused on content distribution and having mobile TV as its leading application and the ‘liquid medium culture’, focused on users’ social networks and having mobile 2.0 as its driving force. The present paper focuses on defining the role of mobile media in the media ecosystem and its projection on value perceptions that should be taken into account by policy makers and media planners. Conceptual delimitations of content design strategies, kinds of mobile contents and associated mobile cultural consumption aspects are outlined on the basis of the findings derived from an structural analysis of the B2C current supply on mobile handhelds and mobile services and a series in depth interviews with relevant actors in mobile and media companies as well as regulators and policy makers. Because of their centrality in the integration of mobile devices in the media ecosystem, the paper focuses on entertainment and advertising contents. The first constitute the driving force of the mobile device mediatization process. The latter are the key to overcome the walled-garden model of pay-per download contents, which underpins the prevalence of repurposed contents in mobile media business projections.


Mobile Media; Media Cultures; Repurposed Contents; Mobile Specific Contents; Mobile Entertainment; Mobile Advertising

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