The Internet: Social and demographic impacts in Aotearoa New Zealand

Philippa Smith, Nigel Smith, Kevin Sherman, Karishma Kripalani, Ian Goodwin, Charles Crothers, Allan Bell


The World Internet Project focuses on the social impact of the Internet. This paper presents a summary of findings of the first World Internet Project survey to be undertaken in New Zealand. It provides an overview of New Zealanders’ usage and attitudes relating to the Internet in 2007. A national probability sample of 1430 New Zealanders was analysed, with data collected through telephone interviewing. The first part of the paper highlights the main findings. The second part shows how the demographic variables of gender, age, ethnicity, area and income affect New Zealanders’ interactions with the Internet. As the first comprehensive study of its type in New Zealand, these findings provide significant insight into key social changes related to the Internet. They also highlight some areas where further research is required.


internet; social impact; demographic

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