Effect of academic level of a text and the reader’s place of origin on reading comprehension of health communication messages

Ivan N. Rios Hernandez


This study aims to measure the impact, if any, of the reader’s place of origin and the academic level of a text on the reading comprehension of health issue communication messages. This is a quantitative inferential study. The populations studied were Puerto Ricans and Dominicans of San Juan, Puerto Rico. An instrument was used to measure reading comprehension which included three texts related to the health field classified into three academic levels in accordance with the Readability Formula of Fernández Huerta. Statistical analysis revealed that the text classified as sixth grade level had a significance level of .026 among the Puerto Ricans and Dominicans surveyed, whereas the text classified as seventh grade obtained a .001 significance level. The eighth grade text had a significance level of .001. The study shows that there is a statistically significant difference between the academic level of a text and reading comprehension depending on the reader’s place of origin.


Health communication; lecture comprehension; place of origin; academic level of a text; disease prevention messages.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15847/obsOBS312009232