The Young and the Internet: Revolution at Home. When the household becomes the foundation of socio-cultural change

Carlos Tabernero, Jordi Sánchez-Navarro, Imma Tubella


This study aims to understand current patterns of transformation in communication practices owing to the ever-increasing incorporation of Internet in people’s everyday lives. By surveying a group of mostly experienced and intensive Internet users in a setting of intermediate Internet diffusion such as Catalonia, our study focuses on the processes of integration of habitual Internet operation into daily individual practices, and particularly on its impact on media usage and consumption. Considering Internet a powerful multimodal means of communication, the study probes it as a constitutive technology and no longer a novelty for the younger generations. In this sense, we test to what extent and in which manner the young, through the personalized and specialized use of the Internet, and above all within their home settings, are conducive of socio-cultural change through the introduction and gradual adjustment of their ever-renewing practices with their elders’ established communication habits.


Internet; the young; technology-linked communication practices; household usage of technology and media

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