Participation in Political Protest: Tracing Direct and Indirect Effects of News Usage and Social Interaction

Mahmoudreza Rahbarqazi, Seyed Morteza Noei Baghban, Niloufar Shafiei Yenghabadi


The present article attempts to explain that social media is generally considered as an important source for expanding political protest via survey data obtained from 2628 Iranian youth. Using social media information, it is expected that political discussions within social media may also be expanded, thereby enhancing the willingness to participate in political protest. The results indicate that social media for news usage and the increase in the size of social networks presented in these media increases the willingness to participate in political protest either directly or indirectly and through the strengthening of political discussions. Moreover, using social media for social interactions, although not directly affecting participation in political protest, strengthens political discussions among political protesters.


Social media use for news, Social media use for social interaction, Network size, Political discussions, Political protest.

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