Users As Developers In Information System Projects

Raija Halonen


Users have been described as necessary experts in information system developments. This research introduces a viewpoint that the users are the main actors in development projects and the other participants only give their experience for the use of the actual developers. In addition to the strong involvement of users, our research emphasises the special nature of the information system project with earlier-made specifications. This article suggests that in order to achieve a successful output, a reflective and flexible working process is needed. This suggestion is valid especially in a case that is out of the line of common approaches that are described in the literature. The research approach in this study was qualitative and the empirical material was gathered from a case study. The approach was subjective and it necessitated interpretation when analysing the results. The case included an information system development that was carried out to produce an inter-organisational information system to support certain functionality between organisations. Despite the output was an information system, we argue that the approach with active users is also applicable in the development of any other artefact.

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