Women Stereotypes Portrayed in Print Ads by Luxury Fashion Brands. A Content Analysis, 2002-2005.

Paloma Díaz Soloaga, Carlos Muñiz Muriel


Using the content analysis as a tool to determine the most frequent images of women portrayed in the Fashion Luxury Brands advertisement, this study shows five different stereotypes and several values that “define” how women should act of behave in our society. There are few academic studies on this subject because of the lower status that fashion advertising as a cultural manifestation found in mass media has in academia. Even though this, luxury brands, more than any other sector, provide a powerful symbolic value added to their goods. However, more than a mere market function, advertising has social and educational impacts. Due to this, this research offers a very valuable analysis of print advertisement that women might see, and in long terms, may influence their own self perception and scale of values. A content analysis was performed of 290 print ads which relate to 97 luxury brands. The survey reveals five different women’s stereotypes found in advertising images and the most frequent values offered though this women images or representations. Implications of these findings are interesting for future research.


Stereotypes, Women, Advertising, Fashion Brands, Content Analysis

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15847/obsOBS212008104