The Internet as a source of information. The social role of blogs and their reliability

Maria Keskenidou, Argyris Kyridis, Lina P. Valsamidou, Alexandra-Helen Soulani


The current paper discusses the case of a social as well as technological phenomenon that has assumed great proportions in recent years, that of blogs. The purpose of this research is to explore students' views on: the role of blogs as a means of information, the reliability of blogs, the social role of blogs. The selection of measuring students' views was made based on the fact that they form one of the most active social groups on one hand and that, on the other hand, they are considered to be some of the most frequent users of the internet.
As an overall conclusion, the participants appear to have a positive attitude concerning blogs, whereas the research findings regarding the individual questions point out interesting views on behalf of the students.


blogs, internet, information, social role, reliability, Greece

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