Visual Representation of Women in Politics: An Intercultural Perspective (based on Hillary Rodham Clinton, USA and Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukraine)

Nataliya Matamoros


Approaches of representing gender in visual media are symptomatic of the existing range of cultural values, stereotypes and ideological directions in a given society. Nowadays “the most striking change is in the mass media’s images of what constitutes successful, and thus hegemonic, masculinity and femininity” (Gal, 2000, p. 83), which continues to be redefined in response to social, economical and historical processes.
Photography, as an indispensable tool of capturing and reflecting cultural phenomena, is used in this research to demonstrate cultural specifics of gender representation in the political sphere in the society of the USA and Ukraine. Both Hillary Rodham Clinton and Yulia Tymoshenko, being front-line political representatives of their countries, serve as elected embodiments of women’s expectations and visions. Importantly, they also represent visual projections of women’s national identities of their societies.
Issues of public appeal, image construction and self-fashioning are addressed in this research of the phenomenon of women political leaders and their respective role in the cultural development of their societies.


gender; representation; femininity; Yulia Tymoshenko; Hillary Clinton; intercultural

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