The evolution of the citizen’s behaviour towards the process of transition to the DTT in the Region of Murcia (2006 – 2009)

Josefina Sánchez Martinez, Isabel Sarabia Andúgar


The Region of Murcia experiments June 30, 2009, the first phase of transition to the DTT in 18 municipalities. The second stage, which includes the rest of populations, produces April, 2010. The research group DIGITALAC initiates in June, 2006 a longitudinal study that, like barometer, comes measuring anually the degree of awareness, perception and penetration of the DTT in the Region of Murcia, taking into account that which the citizen is one of the principal agents of the unfolding of the DTT.

The Region of Murcia presents certain singularities as for television that they are determining the citizen’s behaviour towards this new technology and influencing, definitively, on the process of adjustment the homes into DTT in the Region.

The principal aim of this communication is, on one hand, identifing the factors that are determining the way and pace of the migration to the DTT in the Region of Murcia and its consequences and, on other hand, analyzing the evolution of the citizen’s knowledge and perception of the DTT in the last five years (June, 2006 to April, 2009).

To reach this goal, the information of the studies conducted by the research group DIGITALAC in the Region of Murcia in the interval of time 2006-2009 used. Although the methodology has been completed along the different editions of the studies, since it is a work in progress, all the studies use the same methodological instrument: the opinion survey. The opinion survey was designed using normal metholology from quantitative, distributive projets: a polyetapic representative sample was selected from the universal study object (population of the Region of Murcia -1.200.000 in habitants-) made up of samples by sex, age and geography; the questionnaire was designed, the survey carried out and the data displayed. The number of selected individuals was 1.111 which supposes working with a sample mistake of ± 3 %.

The works developed in this line of research are helping to orientate the policies of the regional Administration, materialized in the Plan de encendido digital 2008-2010. Plan para la implantación de la television digital terrestre en la Región de Murcia, designed by the Secretariat of Audiovisual and Digital Contents of the Council of Presidency.


DTT, Murcia

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