A fotografia enquanto representação do real: a identidade visual criada pelas imagens dos povos do Oriente Médio publicadas na National Geographic

Daniel Meirinho Souza


The present work intends to bring up the reflection upon the function of the photographic image as document and window to a world yet to discover, full of exotic places and people with singular habits. From concepts based on the image theory and photojournalism, it will be traced an analysis about photography as a mirror, representing a reality, and its processes of reproduction of the real. As a case study and thought a structured semiotic and symbolic analysis, it will be studied the imagetic representation of the people of the Middle East in the Portuguese edition of the National Geographic magazine. Some concepts regarding visual anthropology will be used as theoretical bases to an empirical analysis of esthetic techniques and narrative structures of the non-verbal language showed in the images on that publication referring to Arab, Muslim and Islamic societies.


Photojournalism; Middle East; National Geographic

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15847/obsOBS442010363