Mediapro against Sogecable: Football War and the Inefficient Spanish Administration Regulation (2006-2008)

Xavier Ginesta


The article below is a case study of the intervention of the Administration in the football media rights business in Spain. Taking into account the concept of global media sports complex and its resistances (Maguire, 1994 & 1999), I analyze the intervention of the Spanish Government in the Spanish football war (from 2006 till 2008) between Mediapro and Sogecable. We arrive to the conclusion that the Spanish regulation of this economic sector is not always efficient. The lack of a concrete law which regulate this sector –France and Italy have one– is presented in this article as a shortage of the market that allow the monopolistic behaviour of the media companies.


Global media sports complex, media rights, football war, Sogecable and Mediapro

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