Quality Press and (or) Economic Success? Commercialization of Press and Key Dilemmas of Czech Newspaper Editors

Jaromír Jaroslav Volek


Czech newspaper editors still face a persistent dilemma after the transformation of the Czech media system at the end of the last century. They are confronted with a significantly accelerated process of commercialization in the entire media sector. Coping with this process is not easy for many of them. The presented paper is based upon the research project - “Czech newspaper editors” which was undertaken between June-August 2007. The main objective of this study was to show how Czech newspaper editors changed their editorial strategy after the collapse of the former media system in the 1990s and to what extent they have adapted to the pressure of economic rationalization and the commercialization of the media sector. The second objective was to describe criteria that editors instinctively use to evaluate what readers want to consume.


commercialization; Czech editors; editorial politics; reading taste; tabloidization

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15847/obsOBS322009238