Empowering Citizen Self-documentation: Re-inventing the Diary

Kresten Bjerg


The paper outlines a series of assumptions about the future of ICT in the global broadband society and presents the theoretical reasoning behind a conceptual model, posing the notions of the “oikosphere” (from greek Oikos=Home) and the “somasphere”, and the formation of adequate reflexive tools as indispensable and necessary basis for any farsighted user oriented developmental agenda. It describes the background history and prolonged development of an early prototype of a reflexive tool, and goes into details concerning an instrumental innovation: Anticipated collaborative development of a global nucleus of glyphs referring to typicality’s of events and phenomena pertaining to the everyday life of citizens anchored in domestic settings, - outside or inside the broadband society. It places this developmental agenda in the context of a wider vision of an upcoming free-ware information-economy, where each person has a personal laptop, and challenges the traditional role of research as conducted by professionals with the notion of Citizen Science, empowering any citizen to collect empirically validated data concerning ongoing proximal phenomena Advantages to be gained from this type of approach e.g. in learning and healthcare are explicated, and a call for collaborative cross-cultural efforts to elaborate and refine this type of instrument is made.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15847/obsOBS222008198