Thinking about Building Reputation on Social Networking Sites for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

María-Victoria Carrillo-Duran, Juan-Luis Tato-Jimenez


This paper aims to clarify the role of social networking sites (SNSs) in building the reputation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs).
The point of start is that although it is not always infallible, SNSs have a vast potential in the digital environment, however, it is important to cope with the fact that SNSs used in SMEs are marketing-centred, engagement is promoted only with customers and is short term and results centred. The paper opts for a literature review to discuss the concept of engagement, reputation, and propose some SMEs limits to get reputation. Although SNSs have any kind of power to manage corporate reputation, not always is possible if they don’t take into consideration some important issues related to the nature of SMEs and the nature of SNSs.


Reputation, SMEs, engagement, Social Networking Sites.

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