Edugramers y edutubers: Do I produce and then teach? Analysis of educational accounts on Instagram and YouTube

Mario Secilla-Garrido, Ángel Hernando


Nowadays, Instagram and YouTube are becoming one of the biggest spaces for interrelation between people, specially between younger generations of the population. Nevertheless, there are few investigations based on the influence it can have on education, a reality that has come to stay and that cannot be ignored. With this research, this virtual environment has been addressed, dealing whit its analysis from an educational perspective, and taking as a reference four educational accounts on Instagram and four educational YouTube channels, whose educational quality has been determined through the curricular, pedagogical, didactic, technical, aesthetic, expressive aspects and their accessibility. In addition, the characteristics of these accounts and the edugramers and edutubers that manage them have been determined. When analyzing this reality, a mixed methodology has been used. For this, the methodological instruments that have been used throughout the research are the observation scale and the semi-structured interviews to an edugramer and two edutubers. The results show a great variety of educational accounts of quality in all aspects within the Instagram and YouTube platforms, as well as a series of common characteristics in these social media and a series of peculiarities shared by the educational instagramers and youtubers that manage these cyberspaces.


ICTs; edugramers; edutubers; e-learning; web 2.0; social media

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