Mediatization of life: Exploring the influence of the mobile and other media in Nigeria

Allwell Okechukwu Nwankwo, Silk Ugwu Ogbu


As the 21st Century continues to engender amazing innovations in the communication space, the influence of the media is becoming more pervasive. Thus, the media can no longer be studied separately from society; rather they must be seen as an integral part of the social structure upon which modern societies rest. Mediatization, as a theory, explains the manner in which social institutions are affected by, and seek to adapt to, the media. This paper seeks to contribute to the scholarly discussion of mediatization as a concept. It discusses its applicability within the Nigerian context and considers its implications for society. Using a mix of literature review and comments based on the authors’ observation, it discusses and interrogates the mediatization of the contemporary Nigerian society.


Mediatization, Nigerian media, Nigerian society, media effects, media influence

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