La red como cronotopo: Internet y prácticas políticas en el Movimiento Estudiantil Colombiano Mane y Occupy São Paulo

Liliana Galindo Ramírez


This paper compares two movements that emerged during the same 2011 period: the Mane in Colombia and Ocupa Sampa in Brazil. The first is a student movement that has similarities with the cases of Spain and Chile. The second is an urban movement that mixes local factors with many of the symbolic elements of the Occupy movement. The study focuses on the political uses of the internet, analysing battles for visibility in the streets and on the net. The concept of the network as chronotope is used to understand the hybrid forms that integrate online and offline spatio-temporalities. Comparing activity graphs based on the Facebook sites of both movements, a multicentered and a multitemporal social reality emerges: a mixture between several centres and peripheries and between several past-present-future moments that creates a new interpretive framework for the contemporary movements that use digital platforms as Facebook. The network as chronotope is a way to question the current socio-political processes of continuity and change.


Youth, politics, internet, Facebook, Colombia, Brazil.

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